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Don’t Mind Me…


I’ve been an avid cigar smoker for 11 years. I can’t collect them fast enough. I can’t read enough about them. And after lurking, posting and thread-jacking elsewhere, I reach the summit of self-indulgence – blogging!

My preference is for medium-full bodied smokes, though I’m not too much of a cowboy to start the day with a Connecticut Shade. Lately, I fancy myself a patron saint of little-known brands. The chase is often better than the catch, but prowling storefront factories and sampling B&M house blends rewards me with the occasional gem (like the amazing Bazarte Cameroon above, for example).

Not entirely by accident, I live only minutes from the small manufacturer’s Mecca of Ybor City, Tampa, FL. Any town that smells of fresh roasted coffee and cigar smoke each weekday afternoon is the place for me.

Previously, and entirely by accident, I lived and worked in the Connecticut River Valley. So if some of you notice my affinity for the mighty Broadleaf, you’ll know why.

By trade, I’m a political advertising consultant. I am on what I call “extended hiatus.” After one election season too many, I traded a self-destructive career for the rumor of natural sunlight, fresh air, sleep, and family. Magically, I am cured of my most savage instincts and nervous tics. At last, I’m able to pursue interests that used to be back-burnered – photography, combat sports, horology, cooking and more cigars!

You can tell me why I’m an idiot at kevink868(at sign)